Financial Fair Play. We are watching.


The Financial Fair Play framework is now in operation within all the Westminister premiership dressing rooms, and we are watching carefully as Cameronaldo, Millibandini, Clegginigge, and Faragusto begin to plan their summer recess transfer strategies.

It is not a cliche to say that the favourite job of a manager during a transfer window is to feed a new roll of paper into a busy fax machine, and it is a little known fact that many of the top premiership managers relax between windows with an audio recording of the anrgy swarm of bees noise that is made when receiving an international clearance from the Westiminister Sporting Board. Add in a well fed transfer kitty and some astute late business and a manager’s season can be prefectly set up for an all out assault on Europe.

Much will depend on Red Star Sconationnalez’s audacious bid to break away from the Westminister premiership, and, as we have previously reported, Red Star are understood to be in advanced talks with Barry Hearn about setting up a rival league with the Albainian All Stars, Kosovo Krusaders, and the Montenegro Molotovs.

With the Red Star board and supporters not due to vote on the proposal until the start of the next season, it is proving difficult for the other current premiership teams to forecast how the potential outcome will affect their summer transfer swoops.

Characteristically, Red Star Sconationnalez striker Axel Slammin was giving nothing away, and spoke after their recent semi-final game against Plaid Cymru in the Mid-Table Anonymity Cup.

“I ‘ain’t giving nothing away,” he shouted at an English looking passer by, before going on to say something that sounded like, “and y’cannae forget about trying to dent your new clear weepings in our fast lane naval bees”, although in our defence his words were partially drowned out by the horn of a crude oil supertanker exiting Scottish territorial waters in a southeasterley direction.

The one certainty for this season’s summer recess is that Faragusto’s squad is going to need a major overhaul if his target of Westminister premiership survival is to be realised. He has been criticised recently for setting up his team only for the European battles and neglecting domestic league and cup action, and the United Kippers’ dressing room could hardly be described as harmonious or single-minded.

Regardless of that, it is results that matter, and the Gameoftwo expects a strong showing next season from Faragusto and team if they can secure some key signings over the summer period. Those are likely to all be on a Bosman given their relative inequity with the top two, but it has been reported that some of the key players’ agents for a number of current Tory Young Boys’, Dynamo Labourista and Partisan Libra DC players are already in talks with the Kippers. Watch this space.

Partisan Libra DC need to be very careful over the coming season, as highlighted by the easy brace Faragusto put past the DC first choice keeper Clegginigge during their recent radio coverage game. Caught off his line twice, they will need to look at their aging defence strategy and need to stop leaking own goals and long-range chips over an easily distracted keeper.

If you have a liking for mindless tedium, then the match report for that fixture is available below in our round up of the midweek games.


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